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Grocery Shopping Game Changer: Whole Foods Delivery

Whether you're working outside of the home, working from home, or spending the days with your kids, grocery shopping can be a pain. Especially with two kids now, it's hard for me to find the perfect time of day between Stroller Strides, nap, preschool pick-up, dinner, bedtime and/or Body Back. Seriously - WHEN am I supposed to shop for food and maintain my sanity with - gasp - some down time with my family?

We recently began chatting with Whole Foods about how to make healthy eating and momming work together, and then they threw this gem our way! If you're like me and tired of traffic, parking, getting kids in and out of the car, Whole Foods has your back! DON’T go shopping! Order your groceries online – they promise you will love it! Visit DELIVERY.WFM.COM or download the Instacart app & get your groceries delivered to your door in under 2 hours!

Some cool features – prices are the same as in-store which isn’t always true of other grocers! If the item that you want is not available – the shopper will text you and ask what you would like to sub out! AMAZING!

It's like a dream come true! Who has tried this?! I have not yet, but you can expect a play by play of my first time in the next week! Stay tuned!


Meet Morgan! She's our first Mom of the Month from our Body Back classes, though she also attended Stroller Strides while on maternity leave. Even though this interview was our initial meeting, she impressed me with her calm and poise. It was also pretty fun to do an interview with someone in non-workout clothes at a bar! We met at 1157 Bar and Kitchen for a drink and enjoyable mommy conversation!


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