How do I Dress My Child for Cold Weather?

Winter is coming… With temperatures dipping into the 30s overnight and freeze warnings posted, we find ourselves gearing up for the winter months. However, just because it's getting colder outside doesn't mean that we're stuck indoors. With the proper clothing, we can still make our trips to the park, go for walks, and hopefully, enjoy a few more outdoor Stroller Strides classes before we take our workouts inside for the winter.

Our little ones are smaller than us and lose their body heat more easily. Also, they’re not always great about telling us when they’re cold. Because of this, the best way to dress our kiddos is in layers.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that your child be dressed in one more layer than you feel comfortable in during the same weather conditions. However, we also need to take into consideration that we’re creating heat during Stroller Strides with all those burpees, squats, and jumping jacks. Personally, I like to dress my daughter Cecilia in one more layer than what I’m wearing, plus a blanket and hat. I’m getting ready to put some mittens on her as well, although I’m not sure how long she’ll keep those on her hands. The blanket is easy enough to throw in the bottom of the stroller if she gets too hot.

Speaking of which, we’ll also need to be careful of sweat. When we overdress our child, the sweat gets trapped in our little one’s layers and actually make our child colder. No one likes to sit around in damp clothes. Cotton seems to be the worst culprit for holding moisture, but a base layer made of polyester or wool helps to wicks away any wetness and keeps our kid happy and dry.

Fingers, toes, and faces are the first places to get frostbit. Paying special attention to these areas with mittens, good socks, and hats can help to avoid the beginnings of frostbite. This is called frostnip, and it’s characterized by red, tingly skin. Besides extra clothing, a thin layer of Aquaphor can also helped protect your child's face from getting chapped by trapping in moisture. If you notice that your little one’s fingers or face is starting to turn red, it’s time to head inside.

Lastly, it’s always good to have an extra change of clothes handy. Over the summer, Cecilia dumped her water on herself multiple times. It probably felt good to her in the 90 degree heat, but in 40 degrees she’s likely to be pretty uncomfortable. An emergency change of clothes always comes in handy for the occasional spill, diaper leak, or maybe even a chance of snow.

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