Mom of the Month- Morgan Trexler

Meet Morgan! She's our first Mom of the Month from our Body Back classes, though she also attended Stroller Strides while on maternity leave. Even though this interview was our initial meeting, she impressed me with her calm and poise. It was also pretty fun to do an interview with someone in non-workout clothes at a bar! We met at 1157 Bar and Kitchen for a drink and enjoyable mommy conversation!

What are you drinking? It’s a Bloody Mule. It’s vodka with orange and ginger beer.

And you have a one and a half year old and a four and a half year old? Yes, two kids. The older one is Cole and the younger one is Bennett.

What’s your favorite thing about Body Back? I think the accountability. It gets me to get out and do something when otherwise I’d be too tired and just go to sleep.

Do you have a favorite exercise? I don’t think so. I like the variety. All the different stuff keeps me interested.

What’s your favorite part about being a Mom? I think watching them learn new things and seeing things anew through their eyes. When they learn something, they get so proud of themselves and it’s great.

What is something you wish you’d known before becoming a Mom? I feel like people tell you it’s hard, but you don’t really know. I guess with my second one it was easier to slow down and enjoy the newborn snuggles and those types of moments that I knew wouldn’t last long. Knowing that from the very beginning would have been nice. It’s hard to adjust to just sitting there all the time holding a baby.

I understand you work outside of the home as well as being Mom. What do you do? I’m an engineer. I work at the Applied Physics Lab as a materials engineer.

What’s your favorite thing to do as a family? I love our normal weekend days! We get out and usually go on a walk or something, get out of the house. Sometime we go to the park and there is usually a coffee shop is involved somewhere along the way. We also like the Science Center. We stay busy to keep the kids busy. I love our normal Saturday stuff with lots of activities.

What is something that someone may not know about you? I’m from Las Vegas. I was born in California and we moved to Las Vegas when I was in middle school. That’s where my Mom and my siblings still are. I went to college in Pittsburgh and then grad school at Georgia Tech in Atlanta and met my husband there, and he moved up here. He was a couple of years ahead of me in school, but when I finished I moved up to Baltimore to be with him.

What is your favorite healthy food to eat? I eat celery and peanut butter a lot. Also, greek yogurt. Those are my go to snacks.

What is your favorite unhealthy food? Ice Cream. Chocolate.

What’s your favorite color? Turquoise

Do you have a favorite song/artist/band/type of music? Probably nothing current. I’ve been listening to audiobooks while I drive to help my commute, so I don’t even know what’s on the radio right now. But, I like a lot of different kinds of music, probably everything except for really hard, angry rock.

Do you watch TV? Not much, nothing live, but I do Amazon Prime.

What kind of audiobooks do you listen to? Right now, it’s a Laura Lippman book that I’m listening to. Before that I did American Sniper. It was good.

Any advice for new moms? To enjoy the little moments and to remember that they are all phases, phases that will pass. I feel like you’re extremely put together and that you must take care of yourself. (laughter) I have food all over my pants right now. And I love how you’re keeping it real. I don’t know if I have any amazing advice. It’s hard, but it’s awesome!

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In the craziness that is motherhood and business ownership -- and all those other parts of life as I know it -- sometimes I like to sit back, quiet my mind, and just remember what brought me to this crazy beautiful happy place. I remember when I tried my first class and made my first neighborhood mom friends. When I first met the mom down the street who would later become my business partner. I remember the moms who came, who saw, who conquered; those who have been with me since the start and those who have moved away. All that remembering leads me right back to today. I thought I'd share some of these moments through pictures and a little story-telling.


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