Stroller Strides Goes to the Fire Station

One of the many wonderful things about Fit4Mom is the opportunity to spend time with other moms and their children. Following Stroller Strides classes on Mondays, Fit4Mom hosts a short playgroup which features a cool toddler-themed activity, craft, or trip. Stroller Strides playgroups are a great place for new moms and their littles to socialize and to make new friends.

On the last Monday in August, our village had the unique opportunity to visit two local Baltimore City Fire Stations near Patterson Park and Federal Hill Park. The morning began with firetruck-themed workouts on both sides of the harbor. Instructors Heather Macey and Stephanie Shepard brought their energy and enthusiasm to our morning routine. Workouts included a rockin’ rendition of “Wheels on the Firetruck”, a barre-inspired game of Red Light Green Light, some tough-as-nails ladder drills, and a leg-burning lower body session. After the groups sweated and stretched it out, we visited the fire stations.

The kids love, love, loved the big trucks and engines. The staff at both firehouses were so welcoming and accommodating, and even allowed the kids to sit in the engines. Click through these sweet photos to see for yourselves!

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Our trip to the fire station was more than lights and sirens. The staff of the Baltimore City Fire Department took the time to stoop down to toddler level and to educate us all on some important fire safety tips.

We were informed that it is common for small children hide from fire safety officers during an emergency, thinking they have done something wrong, or that they are in trouble. It seems so basic, but admittedly, I had never thought to take the time to teach my son to always go towards a fireman. To get the kids comfortable with all of the scary and strange gear, one of the firemen at our station put his uniform, including a mask and helmet, so that the kids could get a chance to see what a fireman looks like in real life.

I am so grateful that my son was able to touch a real fire helmet and mask. He learned that underneath all of that gear, firemen aren’t scary, and that there is a helper underneath. I left the station full of gratitude for the work the Baltimore City Fire Department does to keep us safe and sound.

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In the craziness that is motherhood and business ownership -- and all those other parts of life as I know it -- sometimes I like to sit back, quiet my mind, and just remember what brought me to this crazy beautiful happy place. I remember when I tried my first class and made my first neighborhood mom friends. When I first met the mom down the street who would later become my business partner. I remember the moms who came, who saw, who conquered; those who have been with me since the start and those who have moved away. All that remembering leads me right back to today. I thought I'd share some of these moments through pictures and a little story-telling.


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