My baby isn't a fan of the stroller, now what?

At Stroller Strides, your children are our priority, so don't worry if yours is fussy! Our classes are designed to keep the kids moving. We engage them by incorporating songs into our exercise moves and use props to keep them entertained. With that being said, if you need to change your baby, nurse, or console them, then please do so. Remember, you are in good company! Kids will have good and not-so-good days, and we completely understand! We assure you they will get used to "Mommy's hour" before long. The example you are setting for them by seeing Mommy exercise is priceless! You are impacting their lives via fitness at an early age, and you should be proud to do so.


Meet Morgan! She's our first Mom of the Month from our Body Back classes, though she also attended Stroller Strides while on maternity leave. Even though this interview was our initial meeting, she impressed me with her calm and poise. It was also pretty fun to do an interview with someone in non-workout clothes at a bar! We met at 1157 Bar and Kitchen for a drink and enjoyable mommy conversation!


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