Bring Your Kid to WorkOUT Day 2019

Bring your friends, and join us for our Stroller Strides class at Federal Hill Park on Friday, April 26th at 9am to help instill a love for healthy living that we can all share together.

While the fourth Thursday in April is traditionally known as Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, FIT4MOM, the nation’s largest pre and postnatal fitness provider, and Health Warrior, a superfood company that believes better health will build a stronger society, are putting a healthy twist on this fun tradition. The two brands will be hosting “Bring Your Kid to WorkOUT Day” on April 26th and will be offering free stroller-based workout classes at FIT4MOM locations nationwide, including right here in Baltimore.

FIT4MOM Baltimore City will be offering a free Stroller Strides® fitness class for moms and their stroller-aged children at Federal Hill Park at 9am.

Important note: Children must safely fit inside the stroller harness and be buckled into the stroller for the duration of the class.

The goal of Bring Your Kid to WorkOUT Day is to instill a love for active lifestyle to children at an early age and spread the ripple effect to children nationwide. At FIT4MOM, the “ripple” is part of the company’s mission to inspire children to emulate their moms and make fitness a part of their lives.

Stroller Strides is a functional, total-body conditioning workout designed for moms with their kids in tow. Each 60-minute workout includes strength training, cardio and core work using a stroller and while entertaining little ones with songs, activities and fun at the same time. While mom gets a great workout, the kids are entertained by certified pre and postnatal fitness instructors. The workout is accommodating to all fitness levels and moms can modify all movements as needed.

FIT4MOM_MINI_ Stroller_ Strides_Class.jpg

Immediately following the moms' workout, we will host a playgroup where the children can participate in a mini Stroller Strides "workout" while the mamas enjoy iced coffee and Health Warrior Chia Bars. Children are encouraged to bring their own baby doll or stuffed animal to act as their workout buddy. Mini strollers are optional.

While this event is free for non-members, we recommend you RSVP in advance. Follow our Facebook event or contact Rachel at rachelwagner@fit4mom.com for more information.

*In the event of rain, this class will be held inside the Maryland Science Center.