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Embracing the Cold with Kids

Winter weather is near, but that doesn't mean you need to hide in your house 'til spring! Mamas in Our Village have shared their favorite tips, tricks, and products to help you enjoy Charm City as the temperature drops.

Top Tip: LAYERS!

Instructor Stephanie S and Stroller Strides mama Elizabeth G put things in perspective for us. They grew up in places with winters that are much colder than Baltimore's. Stephanie grew up in Indiana and had to attend early morning swim practice during the winter. She preaches, "Layers, layers, layers! For both mom and baby!" Elizabeth chimed in, "When I’ve been worried about taking my newborn out I remember that I’m from South Dakota and think of my family taking their kids out in the middle of actual winter and how people don’t worry too much until it’s below 0. [We wear] layers and very heavy blankets and hats." For reference, an average December is about 15 degrees colder in South Dakota than Baltimore.

Mama Stephanie P has been attending outdoor Stroller Strides classes this fall. "It’s definitely all about the layers. I tend to strip down layers as class goes on, but keep H bundled with a hat, gloves, and blanket." Instructor Susan M reminded us of the importance of layers when headed to an indoor class, too. "It can be so toasty in the Science Center! I’ll be wearing a tank top under my puffy coat."

Let's break down these layers some more...

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Faves for Mama

  • Sara G swears, "The Under Armour cold gear leggings are magic- they feel thin but as long as I am moving around they keep your legs the perfect temperature- not cold and not sweating!"
  • Susan M loves her Stroller Hand Muffs!
  • Courtnay M adds, "Fleece-lined leggings and leg warmers are amazing, a moisture-wicking base layer, and a down vest. As it gets colder there are fleece hats with a ponytail hole in the back that's great for staying warm while exercising."

Faves for Babes

  • For keeping baby feet warm, Megan BP loves "the Zutano baby booties with snaps; they actually stay on!"
  • For exposed skin above the waist, don't forget a lined hat and mittens or gloves.
  • Esther W shared some European wisdom: "Another totally German thing is undershirts and tights (for boys and girls alike). Shirts/coats and pant legs tend to ride up either in the stroller or playing on the playground so I always put a onesie on my non-potty trained, and undershirt on my potty trained child to keep that midsection warm and protected. Tights under pants for extra warmth and to avoid exposed skin on their little legs." She's found her favorites at H&M, Zara, and Gap.
  • Car seat cover favorites: JJ Cole (Heather M) and Jolly Jumper (Stephanie P)
  • Courtnay M and I use a blanket tucked in tight for extra warmth in the stroller, but JJ Cole's BundleMe - Toddler is a must-have for some! The rain shield for my BOB Duallie has also served me well as a wind guard in the cold.
  • For the tiniest tots, look for a bunting suit that has fold-over hand and/or feet flaps! Exhibit A:

So, who needs to go shopping?

*This is not a sponsored post, nor does it contain affiliate links. These are simply tips and product faves from Our Village at FIT4MOM Baltimore City.