Four Years of Fitness and Fun at FIT4MOM Baltimore City

On Friday, June 22, I celebrated !!FOUR YEARS!! of ownership here at FIT4MOM Baltimore City. The celebration kicked off with a Stroller Strides class, which was followed by a picnic brunch, chock full of fun and games for the kiddos, a photo booth, and prizes for a few lucky mamas!

A brief history: FIT4MOM (then Stroller Strides) was founded by Lisa Druxman in San Diego in 2001, started franchising nationwide in 2003, and came to Baltimore in 2004. Over the years, programs were added, such as Fit4Baby, Body Back, Stroller Barre, and Run Club. As that programming expanded to include women in all stages of motherhood, the company rebranded in 2013 and became known as FIT4MOM. Rachel Wagner and Rachel Felling assumed ownership of the Baltimore City location in May 2014, held a grand opening the next month, and have held classes six to seven days a week ever since! While our village was sad to lose Rachel F to a cross-country move in 2016, Rachel W and the Team banded together to continue to provide classes and community for moms in every stage of motherhood.

On the morning of the fourth anniversary celebration, Mother Nature and weather forecasters gave us a run for our money, but we decided on an outdoor event anyway, and lucked out! A few sprinkles didn't ruin our fun at all! I am so thankful to my team who was able to be present for this weekday event for their help before, during, and after! Heather and Stephanie led a great workout, while Susan and Laura remained by my side to inflate balloons, arrange the buffet, cover tables, and set up play areas with chalk, kinetic sand, a parachute, and crayons! Although Vi, Emily, and Jayni weren't able to make it, Our Village wouldn't be what it is today without them in it! Not to mention instructors of months and years past! This event and all that is stands for are not possible without my dream team on all days of the year, not just this one!

Please enjoy our day in pictures, thanks to my mama friend and neighbor with a great eye, Justine Lehigh of Let's Print Love:

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Many thanks to the following businesses who provided prizes for the luckiest mamas that day:

🍰Sweetness and swag from Domino Sugar Baltimore

🌼A membership to the Maryland Science Center or Downtown Baltimore JCC - DBJCC

🍴$50 gift card for Galley dinner delivery

🍸$100 gift card for a night out at Encantada, Birroteca, or The Nickel Taphouse

We were beyond excited to celebrate this milestone, and hope that if you've been waiting to try a class, you’ll join us at your next chance! After all, your first is always free!