Get Motivated, Mama!

Ladies, if you haven’t already tuned into the FIT4MOM podcast Motivating Mom, may I just ask that you give yourself some time to check it out? I promise you will not be sorry!

Let me begin by saying that I love so much about podcasts in general. I love the old-timey-radio aspect of listening to a story. I love the first-person narration, the way that the host has engaged with their advice or thoughts before putting them to air. I have always been an avid reader of memoir and nonfiction, but there is something about hearing someone’s story in their own voice, rather than reading it on a page, that really allows it to come alive.

And honestly, I love that I can listen to a podcast without having to look at a screen. Because I just need headphones, my favorite times to listen are while I am zoning out and doing the mundane but necessary tasks of adulting - folding laundry, chopping veggies, or doing housework. It is refreshing to consume content without having my eyes be accosted by the light of a computer or a phone.

What I love about FIT4MOM’s Motivating Mom podcast in particular is that it is curated to fit my current phase of life. The length of Motivating Mom is a bit shorter (thirty minutes rather than an hour), and the content is always practical - think more tips and tricks, versus sharing and caring.

FIT4MOM Founder Lisa Druxmanhosts the Motivating Mom podcast, and I love listening to her perspective. Some episodes are an opportunity to hear from Lisa exclusively, but most feature a guest who is a valued member of the FIT4MOM village.

In my opinion, the Motivating Mom producers are mindful of giving listeners something tangible to take away at the end of each episode - whether it is a resource to look up online, a motivating mantra, or a simple shift in thought to carry a tired momma through the rest of her day.

Unlike some other mom-centric podcasts, Motivating Mom definitely has a lot of content to support working women that are entrepreneurs, or that have “side-hustles”, which is certainly in the spirit of FIT4MOM. For example, this week Lisa Druxman interviewed Anna Gannonfrom Expectful, which is an app for new and aspiring moms.

The Motivating Mom podcast drops on Mondays and is about to broadcast its 120th episode! I can’t wait to hear what is in store.