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Find out what our local FIT4MOM Village is all about and why we love life here in Baltimore City!

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You know that saying... the best things in life are free. Besides a FIT4MOM membership or class pass, it's basically true! 😉 But to prove that many of the best things are actually free, we've created a few FREE printable coupons for mama, for papa, for the family, and blank ones if you'd rather DIY! Click images for full page PDFs, and get ready to make someone smile wide!


Bring your friends, and join us for our Stroller Strides class at Federal Hill Park on Friday, April 26th at 9am to help instill a love for healthy living that we can all share together.

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Winter weather is near, but that doesn't mean you need to hide in your house 'til spring! Mamas in Our Village have shared their favorite tips, tricks, and products to help you enjoy Charm City as the temperature drops.

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Living in Baltimore, you quickly learn that there is no shortage of fun to be had year-round, from neighborhood playground meet-ups to festivals galore! The instructor team and I came up with this list of our FALL favorites in and around town! Click on any of the photos or headings below for more details!


We thank you 💗 Thank You 💗 THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for nominating us for several awards to be presented at the 2018 FIT4MOM Heart & Hustle Conference in San Diego this September! Our Village is a magical place, and we value each and every one of the connections we’ve made these past four years! Please enjoy the following videos we created as a part of our application process!


On Friday, June 22, I celebrated !!FOUR YEARS!! of ownership here at FIT4MOM Baltimore City. The celebration kicked off with a Stroller Strides class, which was followed by a picnic brunch, chock full of fun and games for the kiddos, a photo booth, and prizes for a few lucky mamas!


Join me in getting to know April’s Mom of the Month, Shanna Janu! Shanna and her sweet, smiling son Wesley are Saturday regulars. Whenever I have been in class with Shanna, Wesley is always so cheerful and curious - he is such a cutie! Read on to learn more about this amazing momma and her family!

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Last week, the FIT4MOM Baltimore Cityteam and Fit4Babymembers had the unique pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Samantha DuFlo of Indigo Physiotherapy. Dr. DuFlo and the staff of Indigo Physiotherapy specialize in treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, bowel and bladder function, pregnancy and postpartum topics in the greater Baltimore region.


Join me in celebrating Mom of the Month, Christina Thornton! Christina and her daughter Adeline are regular participants at Stroller Strides. Fun for me - I can remember Christina’s very first class! This delightful momma brings genuine kindness and joy to our village, and I am so glad to know her. Read on to learn about Christina’s love for travel, work, and, of course, her sweet family:


Over the past four years, I've met hundreds of amazing women through FIT4MOM Baltimore City. HUNDREDS. Who knew that this little idea Lisa Druxmanhad sixteen years ago would impact my life in such a huge way. Do you know what's happened to far too many of those amazing women? They've moved away. And I'm not going to lie-- it's such a hard pill to swallow.


This month, we are sitting down with Mom of the Month Melissa Wooster to discuss the ebb and flow of mothering, wood-choppers, and buffalo chicken! Melissa is a FIT4MOM warrior, and has participated in three of our programs. Read on to learn more about this impressive momma and to soak in her wise words.


The Myths of Motherhood are numerous, and I imagine we know them all. Myths like:Mothers are always patient, Mothers are always selfless, there is a right and a wrong way to parent, and you should be enjoying every momentmake us feel like we are doing it all wrong when our babies refuse to sleep, our toddlers throw tantrums, or when we take time away from the home to pursue our own interests. Ultimately, buying into myths can leave us depleted and discouraged.

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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month. This month long recognition of families that have loved and lost is centered around Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, which happens annually every October 15th.


Ladies, if you haven’t already tuned into the FIT4MOM podcast Motivating Mom, may I just ask that you give yourself some time to check it out? I promise you will not be sorry!


Meet September’s Mom of the Month, Sally Reed. Sally started with FIT4MOM Baltimore City in the fall of 2015 as aRun ClubClient, and completed the half marathon training! She has been in Run Club every year since. Sally also joined a Body Back Mini-Sessionlast winter, and continued Body Backthrough the Spring.


One of the many wonderful things about Fit4Mom is the opportunity to spend time with other moms and their children. Following Stroller Stridesclasses on Mondays, Fit4Mom hosts a short playgroup which features a cool toddler-themed activity, craft, or trip. Stroller Strides playgroups are a great place for new moms and their littles to socialize and to make new friends.